I Collaborate.

Great brands have consistently trusted my design experience to visually communicate their products, events and services.

The best designers produce the best work with their best clients. It's a group sport, so you know... I play well with others!

I Design!

It's been a pleasure to serve as a lead designer on a wide variety of projects. I have years of experience designing large , information-packed websites and mobile apps; design branding, identity, print packaging & marketing collateral; and developing wireframes & driving user experience.

Jack of all trades, master of... one or two. You name it I've tackled it!

I Execute!

Grand ideas and elaborate concepts are fine, but the devil's in the details. Sometimes you can be so focused on how you get to the destination, that you miss your stop completely. I get down into those dirty details, ensuring nothing is missed and huge technical productions get the smoothest results possible.

Sort of a soup-to-nuts approach—with less soup, and more pixels!*

I Transmit!

OK, so we've partnered and collaborated to deliver a great experience, paired with fun visuals. We don't have to be done yet! It would be a pleasure to help plan and execute the transmission of your message.

I love what I do. I bring deign joy to all my projects, and the result is (ahem) electrifying. Or, at least, brings a smile to your face.

The Drill!

Hi. I'm Al-Insan Lashley, designer & art director. My focus is on visual design for software & Web, as well as branding and identity design. Drupal is a great foundation for any website, and I'm very comfortable designing for it as a platform. Wordpress is also a solid CMS.

I also have experience in print design.

Don't hesitate to pick my brain about your design needs!

The Point!

While I'm lucky enough to stay busy, I'm always looking for the next new challenge. I'm available for project-based work. Feel free to reach out!

I'm looking forward to speaking with you! Give me a call @
424-835-1755. Or mailto: info@alinsan.net

The Free Stuff!

Downloads are fun!

Send me an email if you would like a poster.

mailto: info@alinsan.net

The Portfolio!

If you'd like to see examples of previous work, you are more than welcome visit my portfolio!




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